QLF Custom Pipe Organ Components

What We Do

We assist organ builders in the realization of their projects. Our experienced team can assist with aspects of the initial design right through the realization of already completed designs. Since 1998, QLF has assisted a wide variety of companies and individual organ builders throughout the United States and Canada.


A significant portion of our work includes the building of casework, and QLF has been instrumental in the realization of a large number of projects. Our skilled staff and modern facilities can handle projects of any size.


QLF provides slider chests and organ consoles in various degrees of completion. Some organ builders decide to have us build only the core and complete the rest themselves; others have us build the complete component. We can also assist with the design and layout.


We also offer other types of chest work, structural and case parts, enclosures, winding components, liturgical furniture, and architectural millwork.


Through the application of CNC and CAD technology in all aspects of our production since 1998, we have the experience and knowledge to assist our customers efficiently to very exacting standards.